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How Clean Is The Air In Your Home?

Over 40,000 dust mites can live in just an ounce of dust! Dust mites live in carpeting and bedding, and thrive in the average American home. Because energy-efficient homes are sealed very lightly, every contaminant (chemical and biological) that finds its way into your home's HVAC system stays there and re-circulates throughout the rooms in your house 6 times an hour.

That is why The Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Products Safety Council and State Health Department now urge all homeowners to reduce indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution is linked to many health problems such as: asthma, allergies, sleep disorders, headaches, digestive problems, sinus infections, respiratory infections, flu, and common colds.

Cook's can provide products and services to help you clean the air inside your home every time your air conditioning and heating system cycles on.

Air Filtration

Remember the way your filter looks is what you are breathing in and out everyday if you don't regularly change it. We offer quick and easy filter selection and will even directly send you the filters you need for your units on a regular basis. If you suffer from a problem listed above we've got a solution.

Call Cook's for a ULTRVATION filtration system. It can be added to any system and removes up to 90% of air contaminants.

Annual Maintenance

There is nothing better for your heating and/or air conditioning system than annual maintenance. Annual maintenance allows your system to work at peak efficiency year in and year out. A system that is maintained annually experiences considerably fewer breakdowns. This virtually eliminates the need for you to pay for costly repairs. You'll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your system is saving you money on your utility bills every time it comes on. In some instances, the energy savings will be enough to pay the cost of the planned annual maintenance service.


With the proper level of humidity in your home, you will feel more comfortable and breathe easier. A good humidifier also helps to protect the investment in your home because proper levels of humidity can prevent wood from cracking, splitting, and peeling.

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